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About Our CompanyTitalRight
  • Company Address: 709-1 Fuxing Road, Sinying City, Tainan County
  • Capitalization: NT$250,000,000
  • Number of employees: 1030
  • Number of buses: 340
  • Services: freeway passenger transport; passenger tours
  • Business philosophy:
    Ho-Hsin Bus Traffic Co. believes that the enhancement and application of technology in passenger transport will be a continuing trend for the future. At the same time as we enhance our technology, the art of improving our service will also be key to the sustainable development of the passenger transport business. As part of Ho-Hsin’s business philosophy, we are not just concerned about revenue, reputation, image and market share. We believe that only under the premise of safety can all these numbers have value. As part of Ho-Hsin’s business mission, safety is a word that we will always insist on. Ho-Hsin has made the sunflower the symbol of its spirit of enterprise. Through the business philosophy of “perfect implementation of technology, professionalism and personalized service” we will strive to train our personnel and enhance our quality of service
  • Business mission:
    Safety is our first priority
    “We can be a bit faster, a bit more comfortable and a bit more luxurious
    but we will never allow a bit less safety”
  • Quality policy: always caring, always attentive; always Ho-Hsin’s way
Routes of operationTitalRight
  • Taipei - Tainan
  • Chiayi - Kaohsiung
  • Chiayi - Tainan
  • Chiayi - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung Airport
  • Banqiao - Taichung
  • Banqiao - Tainan
  • Taichung - Lugang
  • Chiayi - Taichung
  • Changhua - Taoyuan Airport
  • OCU - THSR
  • Science Park Hsinchu - Central Taiwan Science Park (in preparation)
  • Keelung - Nangang (in preparation)
Station servicesTitalRight

Our stations are equipped with exclusive VIP lounges offering digital wireless internet services and large flat-screen TVs along with free tea and coffee to provide you lounges with the best quality that are also quiet and comfortable.

Customer service channelsTitalRight
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